Bogotá Airport

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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
Monday9R8711Arauca Airport (CO)08:15
Monday9R8741Mitu (CO)15:00
Monday9R8705Puerto Inirida (CO)17:40
Monday9R8719Tame (CO)17:15
Monday9R8646Capitolio Airport (CO)18:12
Monday9R8721La Florida Airport (CO)18:49
Monday9R8737San Jose Del Gua Airport (CO)18:22
Monday9R8899Apartado (CO)19:27
Tuesday9R8766Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (CO)12:31
Tuesday9R8659Puerto Asis (CO)16:30
Tuesday9R8705Puerto Inirida Airport (CO)17:07
Tuesday9R8899Apartado (CO)19:38
Wednesday9R8601Medellin (CO)06:55
Wednesday9R8734Quibdo (CO)10:49
Wednesday9R8741Mitu Airport (CO)12:13
Wednesday9R8703Puerto Carreno Airport (CO)15:51
Wednesday9R8743Villa Garzon Airport (CO)16:25
Wednesday9R8721Tumaco (CO)18:55
Wednesday9R8779Unknown city (NL)11:54
Wednesday9R8755Florencia (CO)18:41
Thursday9R8711Arauca (CO)10:12
Thursday9R8903Pitalito Airport (CO)10:48
Thursday9R8771Hacaritama (CO)12:55
Thursday9R8703Puerto Carreno Airport (CO)14:12
Thursday9R8755Capitolio Airport (CO)15:15
Thursday9R8753Saravena Airport (CO)14:45
Thursday9R8741Mitu (CO)16:41
Thursday9R8887Florencia (CO)16:31
Thursday9R8899Apartado Airport (CO)21:21
Friday9R8605Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (CO)07:00
Friday9R8775Puerto Inirida Airport (CO)08:49
Friday9R8903Pitalito (CO)10:48
Friday9R8705Puerto Inirida (CO)12:22
Friday9R8646Florencia (CO)14:42
Friday9R8703Puerto Carreno Airport (CO)16:24
Friday9R8719Tame (CO)18:03
Friday9R8726Buenaventura (CO)17:56
Friday9R8743Villa Garzon Airport (CO)18:49
Friday9R8794Quibdo (CO)19:23
Friday9R8899Apartado Airport (CO)20:28
Saturday9R8737San Jose Del Gua (CO)08:30
Saturday9R8633San Vicente (CO)09:35
Saturday9R8741Mitu Airport (CO)14:58
Saturday9R8703Puerto Carreno Airport (CO)17:36
Saturday9R8734El Carano Airport (CO)18:49
Saturday9R8669Puerto Asis (CO)18:38
Sunday9R8766Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (CO)07:00
Sunday9R8601Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (CO)06:45
Sunday9R8797Puerto Carreno Airport (CO)09:32
Sunday9R8646Florencia (CO)13:32
Sunday9R8741Mitu (CO)15:45
Sunday9R8607Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (CO)18:15
Sunday9R8729El Carano Airport (CO)18:49
Sunday9R8715Arauca (CO)21:15
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
9R8753 on 05/2022
9R8715 on 05/2022
9R8743 on 05/2022
9R8753 on 04/2022
9R8766 on 04/2022
9R8619 on 04/2022
9R8899 on 03/2022
9R8887 on 03/2022
9R8743 on 03/2022
9R8705 on 03/2022
9R8601 on 03/2022
9R8703 on 03/2022
9R8743 on 02/2022
9R8737 on 02/2022
9R8705 on 02/2022
9R8743 on 01/2022
9R8711 on 12/2021
9R8601 on 12/2021
9R8753 on 12/2021
9R8705 on 12/2021
9R8601 on 11/2021
9R8866 on 11/2021
9R8766 on 10/2021
9R8619 on 10/2021
9R8753 on 10/2021
9R8711 on 10/2021
9R8866 on 10/2021
9R8659 on 10/2021
9R8741 on 09/2021
9R8743 on 09/2021
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Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 63%
Wind: E at 15km/h
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